Neocyttus helgae (Holt & Byrne, 1908)
 False Boarfish

Neocyttus helgae is benthopelagic at depths thought to be around 1000 m.  It is mostly found on the continental slope and chiefly in the temperate waters of the southern hemisphere. In the study area it has been recorded off Ireland and Madeira (Whitehead et al., 1986a).

False boarfish have deep bodies and are compressed with large eyes and blunt snouts and a size of about 20 cm. Colouration of the body is grey, while the fin membranes and gill covers are blackish (Whitehead et al., 1989).  Little appears to be known about the reproduction or feeding habits of the species.

During the present survey, Neocyttus helgae were observed  hovering over a reef in the Porcupine Seabight.  They did not appear to be disturbed by the presence of the camera. Specimens were also recorded from Bathysnap stills taken around the Darwin Mounds.

The False Boarfish does not appear to be of any commercial importance.

There is more information available for this species in FishBase.



Prepared by: Ecological Consultancy Services Ltd