Micrenophrys lilljeborgii (Collett, 1875) 
Norway Bullhead
Micrenophrys lilljeborgii in the Kosterfiord 1998.  Image  Provided by Tomas Lundalv/Lisbeth Jonsson

Micrenophrys lilljeborgii is a bottom living fish preferring hard substrate or algae from 0 to 90 m with temperatures below 0 °C. The Norway bullhead is distributed off Denmark, around the British Isles and across to Iceland and northward along Norwegian coasts.  Spawning takes place in early  spring (Whitehead et al., 1986b).

Micrenophrys lilljeborgii is distinguished by a row of bony spines above and parallel to the lateral line. Other notable features include the pelvic fins which have two rays, and the upper jaw which has a small barbell at the corner of the mouth. Colouration of the body is reddish-olive with 4 dark cross bands on the back and upper flanks and a distinctive black spot on the spinuous dorsal fin.  They generally grow to about 6 cm or to a maximum of just over 7 cm (Whitehead et al., 1986b).

During the present survey Micrenophrys lilljeborgii was recorded on the Kosterfjord Säcken reef, where it was hiding in the coral debris zone.  It appeared disturbed by the presence of the camera.

The Cottidae family do not appear to be of any commercial importance.

There is more information available for this species in FishBase.



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