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This project aims to establish the first comprehensive baseline dataset for macroinvertebrate species in the Royal and Grand canal systems. Previous research on the fauna and habitats present in canal environments has emphasised their unique ecological value. This project primarily involved a macroinvertebrate survey of a range of canal sites representing various habitat types, with additional simultaneous data collection on macrophytes and physico-chemical characteristics of water. It is intended that the new information contained in this report (particularly information on the relationship between macroinvertebrate taxonomic groups and other well-described ecological components of this ecosystem) will enhance our understanding of an important element of national biodiversity.

Results from this pilot project will allow new insights into the conservation importance of canal habitats. Project data will be readily integrated into any national GIS scheme or list of species compiled in accordance with the Convention on Biological Diversity. The project will provide new information on described ecological components of this habitat. Infomation from the project will be published in a way that facilitates its use in conservation management and will thereby assist invertebrate conservation policy and management.

This project has been co-sponsored by The Heritage Council of Ireland (under The Heritage Council Wildlife Grants Programme, 2004) and by Ecological Consultancy Services Ltd.

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