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Sample Image Knight, Lee R.F.D. and Penk, Marcin R. (2010) Groundwater Crustacea of Ireland: a survey of the stygobitic Malacostraca in caves and springs. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 110B, 211–235. DOI: 10.3318/BIOE.2010.110.3.211






Survey work on the stygobitic Crustacea (Malacostraca) species of Ireland was carried out in spring 2008, with funding from the Heritage Council’s Wildlife Grant Scheme (Grant no. 16426). The survey, which concentrated on springs and caves, produced 26 records from 23 new locations. Most of the records were of Niphargus kochianus irlandicus, the commonest and most widespread of the four currently known Irish species. The Carrowmore cave system in County Sligo is currently the northernmost record for N. kochianus irlandicus in Ireland and for the genus Niphargus in Europe. Niphargus wexfordensis, previously only known from County Wexford was discovered at four new locations, including counties Cork, Kilkenny and Clare. The sole record of the tiny Microniphargus leruthi was from riverine interstitial gravels on the Dripsey River, Co. Cork. This is the third record of this species from Ireland, following its discovery in 2006. Sixty-five sites were sampled in total, and taxa lists include epigean (surface-dwelling) taxa found within the groundwater habitats.
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