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Broadhaven Bay, Co. Mayo

Ireland's leading independent company specialising in the ecology and biodiversity of marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. 

EcoServe is a professional, science-based environmental consultancy that operates at the highest level of scientific integrity and commitment. 

We offer expert consultancy on a range of services from ecological surveys and impact assessments through to monitoring programmes, research and outreach services carried out by our highly skilled, professional team.

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Established in 1996, EcoServe was originally based around a research group that worked on the BioMar Project in Trinity College, Dublin.  The BioMar project was established to make an assessment of the marine biodiversity of Ireland for the selection of marine Special Areas of Conservation (SACs).  EcoServe provides technical environmental services, including ecological impact and nature conservation assessment, monitoring with specialisation in marine and freshwater ecosystems. 

EcoServe has completed over 300 projects relating to many aspects of marine and freshwater ecology. The majority of these projects relate to the completion of Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA), which form part of overall Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) conducted in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for developments as required under the European Union EIA Directive (85/337/EEC). EcoServe has completed impact assessments for projects such as oil and gas pipelines, wind farms, ports, harbours and marinas, bridges, roads, housing developments, power stations, waste water treatment plants, flood defence schemes,  aquaculture facilities, quarries, landfills and golf courses. In carrying out these assessment, EcoServe often carries out surveys for protected species such as the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera), otter (Lutra lutra) and white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes).

For a full description of the services EcoServe provides in marine and freshwater habitats, please click here.

In addition to impact assessments, EcoServe also carries out research in freshwater and marine ecosystems at a national and European level. Research projects co-funded by The Heritage Council Wildlife Grant and EcoServe have included studies on the macroinvertebrate and macrophyte communities of the Grand and Royal Canals, the ecology of Irish thermal springs and the subterranean fauna of Ireland.

EcoServe has co-ordinated and is involved in a number of European and national research projects in the areas of: Marine biodiversity research (MarBEF, BIOMARE, MARBENA) and inventorying (PESI, Fauna Europaea, Species2000 europa, European Register of Marine Species, BioMar); Atlantic coral reef studies (ACES); Marine mapping (SensMap, Marine inshore mapping scoping study).

While EcoServe specialises in freshwater and marine ecosystems, we regularly collaborate with associates in terrestrial ecology to cover all aspects of ecology including terrestrial and sea birds, mammals, terrestrial habitats and plants. In this way, EcoServe can facilitate clients in any ecological work they require by co-ordinating with other consultants who are experts in their respective fields.

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